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Talks and shows

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The Physics of Rock Guitar

What causes

In this mind-expanding lecture, Dr Mark Lewney

Other talks

Are We Made Of Maths?

Is maths a real thing which exists ‘out there’ in the universe, or solely inside human skulls?

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Why can’t we predict the future?

Science Knight

Medieval science

Can science explain music?

Mark argues yes

How To Argue With …

Creationists, Climate Change Deniers, Flat Earthers, Sex Denialists or any kind of anti-scientific conspiracist. Mark is prepared to take the mainstream scientific position in any debate.

Explain Yourself!

How do atheists explain, you know, it all? Disbelieving in gods does not give us a free pass, in fact our explanations have to be testable.

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